I noticed that sometimes when i want to do the incarnam dungeon that i cant because i dont know how but i bet im not the only one who cant get into the dungeon no matter how hard they try iver tryed 2-3 times now and still dont know how to get in the dungeon so if u could pleas help me out pm me my name it florentine so if u could please let me know how then that would be great well thats all.........

do u have a key?

Answer to this question:

- First, the dungeon can be opened with 3 people on 3 different squares of the room. By doing this, the gate opens and you can go in the dungeon.

- Second, in the early versions of Dofus 2, the Incarnam dungeon was bugged. When you went on the sqares with 3 people, the gate would still not open. This bug was fixed some versions later. Now it works :)

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