Welcome dear Dofus(2)ians!

Welcome to this wikia, there are some important things needed to be explained first: This is a Wikia about Dofus version 2.0 by Ankama During the early stages of development, this wiki will mostly provide information about changes from version 1.29 to 2.0 and new features/items As most of the gameplay is the same, I recommend you to refer to another wikia (for version 1.29) in most cases.

If you change the pages be sure the information you provide is accurate and true.

Dofus 2.0, hmm that would be...Edit

A big update to the well-known colourful, amusing MMORPG called Dofus. In fact, it's not really an update, because it has a new client, so it's basicly a new game. Altough the gameplay is almost exactly the same.

You will experience the world of twelve as before, but you will just look better doing it (quote Amakna). Dofus 2.0 is mainly an improvement to graphics and interfaces. The whole world has been redrawn.

i bet every one is woundering how to get into the incarnam dungeon because i cant no matter how hard i try i just cant get into the incarnam dungeon........

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